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Extreme Work™ features that take comfort and performance to the next level

Our Extreme Work™ gloves are packed full of amenities, down to the minute details. These gloves make your hands purr in satisfaction, and make the work day run smoother.

  • Notched Index Finger – Material cutout reduces the “bulge” and makes bending your finger more comfortable
  • Print-Reinforced Spandex – Rubberized pattern “printed” on spandex to strengthen the fingertips
  • Flexible Fit Fingers – hourglass shape reduces bunching around the bend of the fingers, enhancing comfort and reducing hand fatigue
  • 4-Way Stretch – Fabric on the back of hand stretches in all directions for flexibility, breathability and extreme comfort
  • Sweat Wipe – Terry cloth wipe on the back of the thumb makes it easy to wipe away sweat and grime
  • XLock™ Cuff – Tapered X-shape wrist closure provides a better fit and mobility for the wrist. Honeycomb pattern reinforces the closure for longer-lasting durability
  • XTouch™ Index Finger – Touchscreen on index finger
  • Washable – Washable in cold water, hang to dry so that you can wear them over and over


Special Features:

  • Suede Palm – Performance material lasts up to 5x longer than traditional synthetics and is fast drying
  • Leather palm – naturally soft, cowhide leather is also durable and tough enough to take on heavy duty projects
  • Padded Palm – Padding provides comfort and minimizes vibration from tasks such as using a hammer of machinery
  • S-Patch Palm – Palm patch ramps up durability and grip of the palm, the S-shape maintains movement and flexibility
  • Enhanced Grip – Silicone pattern on palm enhances grip and resists abrasion
  • Reinforced Fingertip – Double layer of fabric strengthens the vulnerable wear points
  • Reinforced Index Finger – Double layer of fabric strengthens the vulnerable wear point
  • Reinforced Thumb Saddle – Double layer strengthens this vulnerable wear point
  • Impact Protection – Heavy duty the back of your hand safe from bumps and hits
  • Knuckle Guard – Silicone protects against bumps to the knuckles, with a honeycomb pattern designed to be lightweight, breathable and flexible
  • Padded Knuckle – Foam padding protects against bumps to the knuckles
  • Hi-Visibility – Hi-visibility color enhances visibility for better safety
  • Fingerless – Open ends free fingers for natural touch and dexterity
  • Slip-On Cuff – Easy on and off

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