6100 Metal Tamer™ Welding Glove

Metal Tamer™ 6100 Coated Welding Glove


Revolutionary welding technology, this 6100 Metal Tamer™ Coated TIG Welding Glove is the only glove you'll wear all day! You can weld in it, move metals with it and do just about anything else. Our knitted shell is fire, and heat resistant FR silicone coating provides ANSI A3 cut and heat protection, allows for premium tactile qualities that are expected in a tig welding glove. Palm is dotted which provides unbealivable tactility and feel for the wire, with breaks where the hand and fingers bends. Fingers dotted, but fingertips dot free for ultimate feel of the wire. Also this glove has incredible durability and last 4x longer than a traditional leather TIG glove.

Release Date: 
Sep 18, 2017